My work seeks to counteract a sense of disquietude in a world where the boundaries between the personal and the collective space have been radically redefined. I have always been preoccupied with the topic of identity and belonging. A lot of my art depicts "scapes" only occasionally alluding to the human presence, places of wishful thinking, expressed in idealised versions of familiar views, both alienating and safe. I use colour both as an expression of emotional release and a platform for conceptual thought, that tries to immerse viewers in beautiful but ultimately alien, fairy tale universes.
I use digital tools to create my work. It is the outcome of a process of non-linear decision-making. I generate, select, play with a multitude of layers of colour, which come to life in the interplay between transparency, filters and blending.
The output is something physical that exists in the real world, the here and now. Something tangible. A print.